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social responsibility

For decades, China SCE Group has been committed to charity activities and made specific donations in support of schools and education along with its commercial achievements.            

China SCE Group ranked 28th and 17th respectively in Forbes China Charity List in 2013 and 2018, and ranked 8th in Hurun Philanthropy List 2018.

For over 20 years, more than RMB900 million has been donated to social welfare establishments, including those for education, poverty alleviation and disaster relief and much more. Charity projects like scholarships, poverty alleviation funds, and medical aid funds have also been established. Among these projects, China SCE Group has pledged RMB500 million to be paid for establishing the SCE Charity Fund in Nanan Charity Federation, while RMB20 million was donated to support the construction of Xiang’an Campus in Xiamen University and RMB120 million was donated to the Fashu Foundation in Fujian Province, reflecting China SCE Group’s deep participation in promoting the development of social charity.      

In future, China SCE Group will uphold its social responsibility as a corporate citizen by focusing on helping disadvantaged groups and promoting social fairness, thereby creating a better life for our society!    

Environmental protection    

Climatic change has brought about unprecedented challenges to the global economic development. Aware of the importance of an enterprise in coping with climatic change, China SCE Group continuously calls for resources conservation and emission reduction. China SCE Group promotes paperless offices and also encourages its staff to save energy. Furthermore, China SCE Group uses carbon footprint assessment as the basis to assess the reduction of greenhouse gas emission, and makes this assessment a part of its annual work plan in which targets for carbon reduction and their priorities are listed for the purpose of enhancing the efficiency of carbon reduction process.      

China SCE Group also pays close attention to the impact of its projects within different business sectors on environmental protection. In addition to designing construction projects in a prudent manner and optimising “greening” and supporting facilities of the community, SCE Group is also dedicated to ensure the quality of its projects and encourages its partners to work on environmental protection and safe construction through detailed and stringent project management. Furthermore, in order to enhance energy efficiency and avoid wasting energy, commercial building projects of China SCE Group are all equipped with energy metering systems.