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Second Awarding Ceremony of " Wong Chiu Yeung Teacher Incentives Fund" for 2022-2023 Academic Year

On the evening of September 25, the "Wong Chiu Yeung Teacher Incentives Fund" awarding ceremony for the 2022-2023 academic year was held with a fanfare in Fujian Nan'an Huaqiao Middle School to commend the outstanding achievements of junior and senior high teachers in the past academic year. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Qiu Xueliang (Vice Mayor of Nan'an Municipal People's Government), Mr. Fu Peiming (Assistant General Manager of CEO's Office of China SCE Group), relevant officials of the Nan'an Municipal People's Bureau of Education, the People's Government of Fengzhou Town, relevant leaders of the school's Alumni Association and Board, as well as all faculty and staff members of the school.

This year marks the third time that the teacher incentives fund has been disbursed since its establishment in 2021. The fund offers 11 categories of awards for three fields, ranging from the "Excellence Award for College Entrance Examination Results" and "Excellence Award for Senior High School Entrance Examination Results" to various national, provincial and municipal "Discipline Competition Awards", and then to the "Award for Breakthroughs in Teaching and Research" that involves subject study and paper publication. By supporting and rewarding those teaching achievements in all dimensions, the Huang Chaoyang Teacher Incentives Fund constantly stimulates improvement in the teaching quality of the school.

2023 is of great significance to Fujian Nan'an Huaqiao Middle School, which not only returned to the ranks of provincial-level first-class high schools in April but also once again saw some of its high school graduates enrolled by the C9 League. Meanwhile, the school's junior high branch continued to rank among top-tier players in Nan'an City by achievements in senior high school entrance examination.

"The establishment of Wong Chiu Yeung Teacher Incentives Fund has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of teachers to become top achievers, and significantly improved the quality of their teaching."

Chairman Wong Chiu Yeung has always cared about his alma mater and offered ideas and suggestions for its development. He has also played a key role in helping Fujian Nan'an Huaqiao Middle School return to the ranks of provincial-level first-class high schools in April 2023.

Always emphasizing education and honoring teachers, China SCE Group aims do its share in rewarding diligent & excellent teachers. It is expected that teachers will continue to help students get better grades in the 2024 academic year.