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SCE Strategy

In 2017, based on the urbanization process, the future development pattern of the real estate development industry, and the domestic demand market with consumption upgrade in China, China SCE Group formulated the development strategy of “Primary business supplemented by synergic business activities”, which clearly defines the transformation and synergistic development strategy led by the residential development business, and supplemented by the new retail shopping mall business under the brand of “FUNWORLD” together with the rental apartment business, so as to create the “FUN+ Happy Life” ecosystem to initiate the second business growth.

In 2022, with the continuous improvement of the long-term mechanism of the residential development market in China, China SCE Group has updated its strategy after careful calculations to continuously consolidate the strategy of “Primary business supplemented by synergic business activities” and strengthen the strategic synergies. As for the residential development business, the Group focused on the first-tier and core second-tier cities to maintain a stable operation; and as for the second business growth, the Group has optimized the operation model of the new retail shopping mall business and enhanced the asset and market value of the rental apartment business in order to further strengthen its differentiated competitiveness and achieve the sustainable development of the corporation.

With iFUN Intelligent Internet-of-Things platform and driven by technology, China SCE Group is committed to becoming an outstanding leader of a better life!